Provide a safety net

for your family.

Aflac: We've got you under our wing.

Your Employer, Mohawk Industries, is making Aflac group coverage available to you! Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you (unless assigned), when you're sick or injured. You can use the cash to help cover expenses that major medical does not— like mortgage, groceries, or whatever you need. It's like a safety net for you and your family.

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  • Group Accident Insurance 
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    Group Accident Insurance

    Accidents happen. When a covered accident happens to your family, Aflac group accident insurance pays you cash benefits to help with the unexpected medical and everyday expenses that begin to add up almost immediately.

  • Group Critical Illness Insurance 
    How To Apply
    Details and Pricing

    Group Critical Illness Insurance

    You want choices when it comes to protecting your income and savings. That's why Aflac offers a critical illness insurance coverage that will pay you a single, pre-established amount if you suffer such conditions as a stroke, heart attack or paralysis-regardless or any other insurance you have.