What is dental insurance?  Regular trips to the dentist are essential for good oral health. A dental insurance policy may help considerably with the costs, often paying 100 percent of the expense of preventive benefits. But a great smile often requires additional dental care, such as X-rays, sealants, and emergency oral evaluation.

Aflac bases its dental policy benefits on the American Dental Association (ADA) code and spells out the benefits for both wellness and other diagnostic/treatment services. Since each covered procedure has a specific benefit amount, you know exactly what you're getting. Translation: No surprises. Other advantages include:

  • No deductibles
  • HSA compatible policies are available
  • We don't use networks, so you can be treated by the dentist of your choice
  • No precertification
  • You own your policy, so even if you change jobs or retire, you can take it with you

This is for illustrative purposes only. Benefits may not be available in all states.

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You can review all of your plans for coverage below. This is a brief overview. There may be multiple levels of the same coverage. Benefits and benefit amounts are determined by state, plan level, and type of coverage selected. Refer to the attached brochure for details on benefits, limitations, and exclusions before applying for coverage.


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    Dental - Premier Plan

    As one of our upper-level dental plans, this insurance policy uses a higher tier of benefits for those desiring more coverage. This plan includes a $50 Wellness Benefit and a $1,600 policy year maximum. HSA Compatible.

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    Dental - Standard Plan

    This insurance policy features midrange benefits, including a $50 Wellness Benefit and a $1,400 policy year maximum. HSA Compatible.

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Subscriber(s)Monthly Premium
Individual$40.00 - $59.00
Named Insured and Spouse$78.00 - $115.00
One-Parent Family$77.00 - $114.00
Two-Parent Family$116.00 - $172.00

The rate ranges above are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply coverage. Different factors (such as age, plan level, and optional riders) are used when calculating the actual premium rate. Please see the accompanying product brochure for complete details, limitations, and exclusions.

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