What is life insurance?  Life insurance helps take care of your loved one's immediate and future financial needs following your death. Immediate needs can include burial/funeral expenses, uninsured medical costs and current bills and debts. Future needs could include income replacement, education plans, ongoing family obligations, emergency funds, and retirement expenses.

Aflac offers a variety of life insurance to suit every need and income:

Term life insurance
Provides a death benefit for a specific length of time, usually 20 or 30 years. Coverage expires at the end of the term.

Whole life insurance
Offers a death benefit, plus an investment component that may be collected, borrowed or used to pay the policy's premiums. The policy may remain in force for a lifetime, as long as the premiums are paid.

Term Life Insurance Riders
To cover children, a rider may be added to Aflac's term or whole life policies.

This is for illustrative purposes only. Benefits may not be available in all states.

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You can review all of your plans for coverage below. This is a brief overview. There may be multiple levels of the same coverage. Benefits and benefit amounts are determined by state, plan level, and type of coverage selected. Refer to the attached brochure for details on benefits, limitations, and exclusions before applying for coverage.


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    Whole Life Insurance Policy

    This insurance policy is designed to provide you coverage for your lifetime. Whole life policies offer guaranteed death benefits and also build tax deferred cash values making this type of policy a potential savings tool. HSA Compatible.

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    Term Life Insurance Policy

    This insurance policy provides you coverage for a specific length of time, such as 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years. These premiums are less expensive than Whole Life but do not offer the same savings/investment feature. HSA Compatible.

What Aflac customers say

  • "Thanks to Aflac's help, I have been able to solely focus on my son's recovery."

    Read Magda's Story
    "Thanks to Aflac's help, I have been able to solely focus on my son's recovery."

    Magda Dominique

    Accident Policyholder

    Aflac is more than a company; Aflac turned out to be a tremendous friend and helper to me and my family in our time of needs.

    I had just applied for the Aflac accident insurance policy - only two months prior - when my oldest son got injured. Despite my short tenure with the company, they guided my every step and handled my claims promptly.

    Thanks to Aflac's help, I have been able to solely focus on my son's recovery. I did not have to worry about the financial burdens that his serious injury could have caused.

    Again, thanks Aflac for your continued support, outstanding and prompt responses and fantastic and caring staff.

    If you do not have Aflac, please call them immediately because, like me, it could help make a difference in your life and that of your family.

    Magda Dominique

  • "I am very grateful that I applied for this policy..."

    Read Brenda's Story
    "I am very grateful that I applied for this policy..."

    Brenda Sobleskey

    Cancer policyholder for 4 years

    September 23, 2009

    Dear Hiroshi and American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac),

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell about my experience with Aflac

    Your company came to our work place and provided presentations about the benefits it offered. At one of these presentations I sat next to another employee that had the Aflac cancer insurance policy made available by her husband's employment. She had developed Breast cancer in the past and explained what a great experience she had with Aflac and how the benefit payments that she received were such a great blessing.

    This helped me with my decision to apply for the cancer policy for my family. My husband's family had a history of colon cancer and thought this would be a good policy to have. 1-2 years later I developed colon cancer at the age of 40. I needed 2 surgeries and 12 weeks off work. Aflac paid the benefits provided by the cancer insurance policy for this diagnosis.

    I am very grateful that I applied for this policy and would advise others that have the opportunity to consider the cancer policy too.


    Brenda Sobleskey,

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